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Seven Ways to Building Trust in a Relationship

If you are looking for ways to improve your relationship, then you may want to start here. I am going to suggest seven ways that you can use to building trust in a relationship. Usually, we think to improve a relationship, we must always make things exciting to keep the romance going. Well, that would be wrong. And the last thing you would think that does improve the level of trust in a relationship is… predictability!

First way to building trust in a relationship:

Be predictable. Forget the magazines and TV shows that say you must stir up the pot. It’s nonsense. Being consistent and reliable goes much, much further than that in terms of trusting your partner.

Second way to building trust in a relationship:

Your words must match what you do. In so many words, you need to show sincerity with your words. They say verbal cues are a very small part of total communication and that is so true. I call it “passive aggressive” when you are unhappy but show a happy face. But I think you know what I mean here.

Third way to building trust in relationship:

You have to trust your partner’s instinct. I mean come on here! How can you expect anybody for that matter, to trust you if you don’t trust them? Trusting is a two way street.

Fourth way to building trust in relationship:

Don’t lie by omission. Don’t keep secrets from your partner. Because once your partner finds out about something you are keeping a secret (and believe me they will), you better believe they won’t be able to trust you anymore. And why keep secrets from your partner? You have to keep track of the lies to build bigger lies to bury the previous lies. And it goes on and on. It is way too much work. In my opinion, it is a total energy waster that can be easily made to go away by telling the truth.

Fifth way to building trust in relationship:

Your partner isn’t a mind reader. So don’t expect them to know what you need. It is OK to be literal here. And don’t worry, you won’t seem selfish here because your partner knows that relationships is give and go. Being reluctant to communicate your needs to your partner will just worry them needlessly. So tell your partner what you want!

Sixth way to building trust in relationship:

Be willing to say “No.” Suppose your partner communicates a needs that you don’t want to give, it is OK to say no. On the other hand, it is OK for your partner to ask. But think about it this way, your partner will respect you more if you don’t say yes to everything. Being a separate person helps build trust in a relationship.

The last and seventh way to building trust in relationship:

A relationship is a living and breathing thing. It takes work for it to be a handsome tree rather than a sickly bush. Don’t be afraid to deal with crisis, emotions and questions from your relationship. You should embrace it and look for solutions that will bring you closer. Continue to grow your relationship!

In summary, building trust in relationship does take some work. And sometimes you will stumble, but continue to move forward. I have given you seven ways that you can use right now to strengthen your relationship and make it as strong as a 1,000 year old Oak tree.

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